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Meet Dr. Keenan Knox

Dr. Keenan KnoxThe Power of Chiropractic

Dr. Keenan Knox has always had a passion for helping those in need to create a positive impact on their lives. He was born and raised in Sidney, Maine and he attended the University of Maine in 2011 and graduated with his B.S. in Biology with the intention on becoming a medical doctor. Through his endeavors in college and community work outside of school in preparation for medical school, he learned more about the struggles of Mainers and their opioid addictions along their journey to relieve their chronic pain. He realized at this point he wanted to offer Mainers other solutions for their pain management, with a desire to take a more holistic approach.

He learned about chiropractic through a friend who was also a chiropractor in Maine, and through job shadowing along with conversation with patients he discovered how simple yet how powerful chiropractic is. Regular chiropractic care brought those struggling with pain relief in a natural way, and they were able to wean themselves off of their prescriptions. These stories left an impact and ultimately led to Dr. Knox enrolling for the fall class at Parker University in Dallas, TX to pursue his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Chiropractic Education and Training

Dr. Knox attended Parker University from Fall 2017-Winter 2020 and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in December of 2020. Throughout his training in school, he developed his skills to deliver superior, specific, and effective chiropractic adjustments. He loves to work with patients of any age, and has unique experience working with pregnant mothers to help them manage the pain that comes along with carrying a baby. He also uses a technique that helps to ensure proper positioning of the baby inside of the womb.

In addition, he has extensive education in nutrition, rehabilitative exercises, soft tissue therapy, and mindfulness practices to help patients create lifestyle changes that will benefit the body and mind beyond the adjustment. He also places emphasis on the importance of preventative treatment to ensure health instead of waiting for a problem to arise down the road. He prefers to use the Diversified Technique, but also is Activator certified, and has experience working with extremity adjusting, Thompson technique, as well as Gonstead.

Outside of the Practice

Although chiropractic is Dr. Knox’s profession, it is equally as enjoyable for him to practice and he is truly grateful to do something that he loves for a career. Outside of work, Dr. Knox enjoys spending time with his family and friends, golfing, watching sports (Go Pats!), and leading by example by finding ways to work on his own health every day mentally and physically. As Augusta’s newest chiropractor, he is excited to bring the healing art of chiropractic to the community that took care of him his entire life. He is now accepting new patients, and he is looking forward to getting to know you! With Dr. Knox, you truly are in great hands.

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